Rear brake pad - S222
Rear brake pad - S222Rear brake pad - S222

Rear brake pad - S222

Price with VAT
14.69 €
Price without VAT
12.14 €

1 pc of pad (not a pair)


Characteristics of individual brake pad compounds:

S-230 Elite ... a new compound developed for long races and the most demanding and professional drivers which need better modulation at the highest speeds and more control on challenging tracks. It is a harder compound with very good heat resistance (better than S-220 and S-222) but it can feel less aggressive when cold
S-220 ... formerly marked as S-214 is medium soft racing material which has an aggressive bite. This brake pad has the right amount of bite and longevity
S-205 ... rental compound which is similarly soft as the S-220 but it has lower fading characteristics than the S-220
S-222 ... racing material which is harder than the ones above, it has a similar bite to the S-220 and longer pad life
S-273 ... racing material which is similar to S-222 but it is less aggressive 

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