Engine TM - 60 ccm - MINI 2

Engine TM - 60 ccm - MINI 2

Price with VAT
2 444.20 €
Price without VAT
2 020.00 €

The engine is complete with exhaust, carburetor, fuel pump, inlet silencer and throttle cable. 

Without engine mount. 

We also offer tuned factory engines or special engines tuned by Galiffa Kart.

Prices of tuned engines as well as delivery times on request!

Homologation sheet and catalogue see section DOCUMENTS.   


Engine technical datas: 

Manufacturer: TM RACING S.p.A.

Model: TM MINI 2 - 60ccm

Homologation No.:  CIK-FIA 041-EM-51   

Air cooled engine 60ccm 


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